Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well zee silly American pig-dogs had zer leetle award zhow zee ozther night. I was a leetle disapointed zat zee beautiful Johnny Depp did not zhow up! I really dont zink zee zhow waz worth vatching without hem.

I have to zay congratulationz to zee makerz of zee fantasic Piratez Of Zee Caribbean: Zee Dead Man'z Chest for winning zee Ozcar for zee best vizual effectz. Good job to zem! Everyone lovez a good Pirate ztory!

I must zay, I waz dizipointed zat zee movie waz up for zeveral of zee Ozcarz but only won zee one. What iz a matter with zee American pig dogz who voted?

With zee Academy Awardz behind us now, zhere iz only one zhing left to do now. Zat is to wait for ze next Piratez of Zee Caribbean movie.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I must start zee post by zhaying zhat i don't like zee sports veree much. Okay, zhat is not veree true, because I do reallee like some of zhee sports, just not all of zhee sports. I like some of zhee sports in France, especialee croquet. zhis is my favoreete sport. I also like to zwim. and to go in deeferent boats. I like to go feeshing.

zoot allor, i don't like zee football americain! but i do want to participate in zhee superbowl partee zhat zee blogger Zeendee in Italy talks about. Eet is a good chance to see zhee fellow expatriates from zee countree of mine (americain expatriates). yes, i am originalee from Kentucky.

zhis is mee in zee swamp, going feeshing.

Here ees my photo for Zeendee. It ees from the time when I was in zee swamp, going feeshing. I almost caught an alligator! ahh, zee memorees are good. Pleese zave zee cheeps and deep for me! I like french onion deep zee best (especially onions from zee south of france!)!

Johnny from zee South of France

I know zhat you want to zee my photos from zee Noel trip to zee Liguria. Zoon! Very zoon!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I juzt wanted two weesh everzone a verrie eppie 2007. Eet has been a verrie nicea year for me withs lots of zee moives in the zee theathers doing verrie well. I am also enjoying zee expatriots lifea ere in zee Zouth of France. I luv verrie much zee rolling hills, zee beautiful vineyards and zee quiet life.

I rang in zee new year at zee tower of Effile, watching zee fireworks and zipping on champange! Eet was a verrie nicea!

Best wishes to all of my fans in the zee new year!

Bonne Annee!

Johnny from the South of France

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Joyeux Noel to all of zee readers of zhis blog! Zo far, eet has beeen a very Joyeux Noel for we! I went for zhee weekend to zee grand citee of Paris! It was magnifique!

For zee rest of zee holiday, we are going to take a miny vacation to zee beautiful country of zee Italy! We want to go to zee coast of zee belle Liguria! Zhat is very near us. Zhat will be very nice!

Have zee wonderful holiday! How do you celebrate zee season of zee Christmas where you are?

Zhere are many biscuits and cookies to eat now. Zee Johnny ees hungry for zee cookies. MMM.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Zoo zorry for zee absenze of zee posts in zees days. Eet ees very confuseeng for mee to use zee computer, zho I am zoo zlow at writing zee posts! Oui, oui, I know zhat eet zhoould be very eesee, but I am zoo slow, and zhat means I need to take zee time to write and take zee pictures of zee wonderful world of zee south of France. I am zoo thankful to zee readers (merci!) for zee beeauutiful comments! to answer zee questions:

1. I am from zee south of France!

2. for Beaujolais Day, we were in zee south of France! it is where we zelebrated! zoo fun! i alwayz zay, zhere is zee NOTHING like zee Beaujolais Day!

3. ooh. zhere is no three! whoops! (or as we say here, zhoops!)

zhat is all zee questions. tomorrow i weel try to understand how to put zee subjects on zee post. zhere is no subject, no? i don't understand eet. ah, i weel save zee problem for tomorrow.

goodbye! or as we zay in zee south of france, "au revoir!"

-Johnny in zee "South" of France

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank you for zee risponseez about zee first blog post. Zoot Allow, zis ees my new blog! Welcome! Bienvenue!

Noteese zhat zhere is zee new list of zee links: zome are personal links, and zee others are links to other websites from zee south of France. i deedn't know zhat zhere were zo many bloggers from zee south of France!

Zoon I want to post zee pictures of zee south of France and of our recent treep to Paris. Zhat is a beeauutiful zity! It ees fantastique!

Zhat is all.

- Just Johnny

Monday, September 18, 2006

Testing.... zoot alow! Iz eet vorking?